365 2023 Hipstamatic ~ week 6

This week I decided to use a more straightorward Hipstapak, this time the Coney Island combo. It consists of the Big Bertha lens ~inspired by the carnival and summertime fun, it pops saturation in cyan, and the Ringmaster 71 film, which adds subtle contrast in the shadows to increase drama in the image. So without further ado..

Sunday 5th February
Sophie and I went on an outing this time to Barnard Castle, Egglestone Hall Gardens, and Egglestone Abbey. There will be posts on the Universe Blog at some point.

Egglestone Abbey

Monday 6th February
Mad busy work day, nearly forgot to take a photo but the sunset saved the day!

Wardley Sunset

Tuesday 7th February
One thing I learned in my other 365’s, if you see a good sunrise, take it and have a day off from thinking about what you’re going to do for your daily shot, especially on busy work days.

Wardley Sunrise

Wednesday 8th February
The photo’s I took for today were all a bit meh when I sat down to sort them out and pick one for the day. So I did a ‘slice-of-life’ corner shot. This is where the magic happens 🤣.

The magic corner.

Thursday 9th February
Today Phil and I went into the toon, me for the dentist, he for the record shops. (I know ‘he’ isn’t right but it rhymes with me quite nicely and you know what I meant anyway.)


Friday 10th February
Not the best photo of Vinnie, but it was the best of a bad bunch. Can’t win’em all.

Lord Vincent

Saturday 11th February
Another outing with Sophie, this time to Beamish Museum, the Living Museum of The North to give it it’s full title. They’re in the process of adding a 1950’s town and have a farm and 4 shops/cafés up and running but more on that in a Universe post at some point. I love the trams.


So another week over.