Thursday Thoughts

Another traumatic week in the world, one of the little reported news pieces was that the Romanian government made a decree decriminalising several offences and making abuse of power punishable by incarceration only if the sums involved are more than €44,000 (£38,000; $48,000).
One immediate beneficiary would be the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, who faces charges of defrauding the state of €24,000.
Others due for release include elected officials and magistrates. This has caused protests in the capital of Bucharest,yet more unhappy people protesting the corruption of a government. The wrecking ball continues in Trumpland too, the far right movement across Europe is growing, and our beloved leader is getting into bed with the American demagogue and the Turkish dictator-to-be. Our ‘Brexit’ bill got passed, but for some reason I am less concerned about it, with the volatility of the world as it is, our part in the chaos is small potatoes.

For myself a strange week, I am known for having a bad memory, sometimes it’s laughable and sometimes annoying, but this week I was inadvertently thrown back in time to a period in life that was full of intensity, fabulous highs and crushing lows, all the passion and pain of the younger me, and I found my memories were crystal clear, to the point where the emotions of the time became the emotions of the present, a strange and uncomfortable few days whilst trying to get on with life as it is. The cause of the throw back didn’t really have anything to do with me, but left me with hurt feelings of betrayal and isolation, neither of which was meant or warranted, and resentment for having been chucked back to a place I didn’t want to revisit. I had imaginary talks about it all but the only answer that came back was ‘get over yourself’, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I read somewhere that emotions are the results of the thoughts you have (seems pretty obvious really) so to change your emotions you must change your thoughts, and it does work, but it takes a bit of time, and a lot of thinking.

One realisation is that that a fair amount of my life has not been happy enough to want to remember. Another realisation is that I don’t have a bad memory, but am very adept at burying the past and leaving it there, and not revisiting it. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it is what it is.

Now I’m just about out the other side, and reminding myself the life I live in now is not all about me, my thoughts and feelings don’t always matter as much as I would like them to, and I ‘got over myself’. 🙂

1000 miles day 3

Lesson of the day today~ The North Wind is not your friend. It wasn’t the wisest decision to pick the coastal route, The Lees as it’s called, along the sea front at South Shields today. I wanted to do a longer walk today as I’ll be working tomorrow, and this route seemed like a good plan, but hadn’t factored in how bloody windy it would be in such an exposed area, and as the walk went on, the wind got worse. I walked from The car park at The Waters Edge pub, all the way to Souter Lighthouse, and then back again. It wasn’t too bad on the way out, but coming back was a right struggle as the gusts of wind were head on. After 1/2hr of it I’d had enough and my brain was muttering ‘beam me up Scotty’ to itself, and at this point a really annoying man RAN I tell you! RAN past me, and I could see him dwindling into the distance, forging ahead until he was a tiny speck, and I’d only struggled on 20 more steps. How can anyone do that in those conditions??? The last thing you need to see is bloody Superman when you’re having a hard time just walking! How I hated him for his speed and fitness :). Nothing to do for it except put one foot in front of the other until finally I got back to the car, whereupon I wept and hugged the steering wheel.

Anyway, onwards ever onwards, I’ll have an easy day tomorrow!

Here are some photo’s I took along the way, all processed with RNI film app using Agfa Optima 200 Warm, apart from the B&W which was done in Filmborn, and all clickthroughable for embigguned versions.

The start,

it’s actually 2.75 miles so they lulled me into an extra 1/2 mile round trip!

On the way to Target rock

Next stop Frenchman’s Bay and this is the info bit

the bay

Manhaven Bay

unnamed bay

Marsden Bay

Marsden Rock

Pompey’s Pillar (no idea why it’s called that)

Taking it in

Last bit, crossing over to pass Marsden Bay

The Limekilns
built in the 1870’s to take advantage of a bleak but perfect location. Limestone had been quarried at Marsden for hundreds of years being used in many notable buildings in the area including Whitburn Windmill in 1796, so with a constant supply of limestone and the nearby Whitburn Colliery providing coal for fuel, these large ovens couldn’t fail to be profitable, it was geographically perfect.
Layers of limestone and coal were poured into the top of the ovens heating and breaking down the stone to produce quicklime which was used in agriculture to neutralise soil. It was also an important element of the steel and chemical industry and was used to make cement and concrete.

All along The Lees are memorial benches, bought by relatives of beloved deceased, and this one was particularly poignant, only 14yrs old 😦

And that’s it for today!
What I don’t get about this walking malarkey is that once you get home and sit down with a nice cuppa tea and a snuggle with the cat, when you go to stand up again you can barely walk across the room without creaking and groaning. Is it supposed to hurt this much???

5.54 miles

1000 miles day 2

A beautiful sunny day today but very cold, and the puddle water was frozen all day, and the paths had black ice to negotiate along the way.

Ice ice baby

First lesson in walking, Ice is not your friend. Pretty as it looks sometimes and in spite of good walking boots, I nearly came a cropper several times. Eventually I DID become a cropper and landed on my arse after the ice decided my boots didn’t need to be on it. Grazed elbow and sore coccyx but at least I was spared the mortification of anyone seeing me. 🙂 Who knew this walking malarkey could be so injurious??

I started down the same route as yesterday but turned off on a different pathway hoping to get to the small wetlands at Hebburn

nearly there

I love to come here and see the moorhens, ducks and swans, though no swans about today

I walked all around the lake and came to the little bridge across an overgrown stream

hello me

and then set off back hoe. Not long after avoiding the ice on the path up the hill, the bit on the downside got me!
It’s a nice walk back and I have a fondness for this little tree which I think must be dead as it never has leaves on it or gets any bigger.

Further down the road is a horsey place, and as I was walking along 2 girls came out with horses to put them into one of the nearby fields. As I passed them I heard them shouting and when I looked back one of the horses had escaped and legged it, with the 2 girls chasing gamely after it, not a great photo and you can just make out the horse in the distance. I should think the horse won. 🙂

The horsey place

Back through the woods on the way home, love the low sun through the trees

and the shadows it makes through the railway fence


1000 miles day 1

I decided this year that I will do the “1000 miles in 2017 challenge”, details of which can be found HERE with a Facebook group to join in with HERE. I also want to do more with Black & White photography, and to use my iPhone apps which were so neglected last year when I did my 366 with the FujiX-T1. I’m not really an phone-photographer and much prefer the Fuji, but the walking is of equal importance and I don’t want to be hindered with camera & lenses. In order to complete the 1000 miles I need to average 2.75 miles per day, but some days will need to do more in order to make up for shorter walks at this time of year when it gets dark early and I’ll be walking after work in the late afternoon. I have an app on the phone which measures my mileage and steps automatically, but am also using an app Map My Walk which gives details of your route and also lots of other bits and bobs.

Yesterday I had a limited time to walk as we went out to visit Phil’s sister for the afternoon and evening, but got my average done.

Some shots along the way.

Not the best of roads

Still a few red berries about, but not many colours to catch the eye.

Ominous clouds!

A panoramic view

One of the signposts, I turned left, ended up going in a circle back to here then turned right!

Bridge over a railway and view

obstacle of wateriness


FIlmborn~at Little Haven beach

Still with black & white but this time using the Ilford delta 3200 setting.

Can’t visit Little Haven beach without visiting The Weebles

Herd Groyne Lighthouse and in the background over the river on the right is Tynemouth Priory and a statue of Lord Collingwood

a closer view

Having a paddle

and away