Day 281

We are well into cold weather now, though no rain today. Over the past couple of weeks all my garden flowers have died, no more dahlias, viola or lilies left. But the begonia is blooming away, ignoring the fact that winter is coming, and I’m happy to see it when I look out the window.

Day 281 ~ Begonia not begoing.

Weird thing happened last night, all the hedgehog food had been eaten, but nothing was caught on the trail camera. Something must have a Cloak of Invisibility. We did catch a cat at 6am, but he/she didn’t go near the food tray. πŸ€”

Day 236

Two days into my 60’s and already my immune system is deteriorating πŸ™„ . I woke up this morning wondering why my vision included a weird bulge under the right eye. When I looked in the mirror the soft skin under that eye is swollen up and filled with fluid. Also most of the right side of my face is puffed out. On further examination (prodding) I found it hurt to do so, and am assuming now I have a tooth abscess. FFS! I’m majorly fed up as I scrupulously clean my pegs and floss at least 3 times a day because I don’t like dentist trips. I envisage a trip to the dentist next week though 😒

Consequently it’s hard to take photographs as I use my right eye and anyway I can’t go out looking like I just about survived a round with Mohammed Ali so I did my beautiful lilies instead. They’ve really opened up now and their perfume is pervading the whole house. Gorgeous!


one is never enough though πŸ™‚

day 236 ~ lilies

Day 233

Today is the last day of my 5th decade. Phil’s lovely daughter delivered my favourite flowers (seen here) and wine and chocolates for me to have tomorrow, and Phil is taking me out to lunch. I keep thinking phrases like ‘in the twilight of my years’, ‘eligible for a senior railcard’ (thanks April!) ‘over the hill’ and ‘sixty is the new 40’ (no it isn’t – and thank god for that, a lot of my 40’s were horrendous!) but really I’m still 20 in my head, so none of it makes much sense and I’ll carry on being me regardless.

(I wish the bloody Govt hadn’t altered retirement dates, I should be retired tomorrow and having a high old time, but a couple of years ago they moved the goal posts and I have to wait until I’m 66 now πŸ™„ as I need the pension I get then, not being a wealthy Tory politician or the like). I love my job so I probably would have stayed working anyway, but it’s the principal.

Anyway here are my lovely lilies, they smell devine and the aroma is spreading through the house. Lovely!

Day 233 ~ lily day

Day 225

I bought this orchid to photograph back on day 42, and photographed it then when it only had a couple of flowers on it. 187 days later today, the last flower has opened. It has been lush to watch it grow to magnificence, my others don’t really compare I’m afraid. In a few days time the first of its flowers will start to perish, and one by one they’ll all drop off. I wanted to take a shot of it in full magnifico mode before that happens, so here it is.

Day 225 ~ The white orchid.

Day 223

Sophies other half is visiting her (he lives in Spain) at the moment, so Phil and I were due to go on an outing with them today. Hadn’t quite decided where, but since seeing the weather forecast, it was decided not to go, and good job too. It started raining here at 11am and it’s still raining now 9 and a half hours later, with no sign of stopping. I will need an ark to go to work in tomorrow. So a leisurely Sunday indoors, and I cooked a Sunday lunch instead, which was yummy, but I’d rather have gone out in some sunshine!

Couldn’t get inspired for photography I’m afraid, so just a boring shot of the roses I got the other day.

Day 223 ~ Roses

Day 219 & Tales from Fraggle Towers

WTF is going on with bugs this year?? I’ve now been bitten quite badly twice since the last one I posted about. One on the other arm which is quite itchy and painful and at the weekend some nasty blighter crawled up my trouser leg and got the back of my knee! Didn’t know of course til the next day when the excruciating itching began. It turned into a really hard lump with a black thing in the middle of it, so last night I got Phil to cut it open and scrape it out and he did a good job, seems to be getting better anyway. I never normally suffer from bites, so am feeling quite peeved that whatever is out there is looking at me and seeing lunch! Consequently I am slathering myself in Jungle Formula (50% DEET) every morning in the hopes of fending them off, but Chanel No.5 it ain’t!

Also WTF is going on with peoples ears?? I am maxed out on appointments at work, since the kids broke up for school, and having to double book appointments to get through them all. Good job I’m super speedy and efficient! I guess everyone’s saved up their waxy ears for when they are on holiday so they don’t have to take time off work to get them done. Roll on September and I might be able to catch my breath.

Talking of September, it’s only a month until my holiday, and I haven’t even started researching where I want to visit or thinking about clothes etc. AT least my camera lenses are sorted πŸ™‚ I have 2 new ones of late, one a Fuji 16mm (the older cheaper one) and the other a Β£40 old Russian Helios 44 I had to buy a special mount for to fix it to the XT2. The Helios I have fallen in love with. I’ll do a post on that if I ever get time. Life is so busy!!

Anyway I bought some flowers to play with in the shed, and here are the results, taken with the Helios. Did I say I’ve fallen in love with it? πŸ™‚

Day 219 ~ Roses and swirly bokeh

Day 196 & tales from Fraggle Towers

It’s been a little while since I wrote anything, I seem always to be busy, or having nothing to say! We’ve finally had a sunny day all day! Of course I’m back to work so missed most of it, but it was a nice evening at least. Life here is quite mundane at the moment, but the garden is looking lush with all the rain we’ve had, the buddlea has become a monster

shed and buddlea

I’ve got a Begonia this year, which I have no idea about, it’s my first. For some reason all the flower stems bend over and the flower faces downwards, which seems odd, (yes I have watered it!) but it looks really pretty when you can see it.


Very excited as my pre-ordered-several-months-ago bluray arrived today, which means that Saturday Night movie night is taken care of already.


We’ve babysitted grandkids and not only survived but had fun, we’ve ‘done lunch’ Phil has been working on his latest tank (not allowed to photograph it for the blog yet) and I’ve been quietly doing a photography course- I say quietly as there is a forum for all the members on Facebook, but it’s all a bit bonkers and not really me, but I’m doing the practice and the lessons. I can’t post the pics as they’re in colour :). The evening news is mostly distressing, and it drives Phil mad that with the womens football, tennis and cricket taking up to 15 mins in poll position at the start of the programmes, what’s the point of having a sportsday programme to follow the news, and, where’s the bloody news?? He becomes very Alf Garnett about it. πŸ™‚ I reckon they’re trying to do a ‘feel good’ thing to take our minds off the state of this nation, but it isn’t working here! Luckily Euronews is also on Sky and they do proper stuff.

I can’t help feeling most of the time, when I do see the news, that I live in a broken country, in a broken world. Very little I can do about it except to vote when needed, recycle stuff, go to work, suck ears, and take photographs, so I try to keep my thoughts in check, and simple, but it’s hard work sometimes!

Movies we’ve watched of late- Dot Zero 30, we started that on Friday, but it was supposed to be happy-movie night and after 20 mins we decided to postpone it to a ‘grim-movie’ night! The Last Post, with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks was absolutely excellent and fascinating to find out how The Pentagon Papers got out ( shades of Assange, Snowdon and now Kim Darruch) and horrific at what they found in them. Wonderful acting by Meryl, such a joy to watch her work. Pete- I know you’ll read this and probably didn’t see it because of Hanks, but mate, this is right up your street. We’re in the last 1/3 of Schindlers List which, believe it or not, I’d never seen. What a staggering piece of work, the photography and lighting is sublime, I am fangirling Speilberg, or at least his lighting director. The acting is SO good, Ralph Fiennes! Amazebobs! We’ve re-done Private Ryan and Band of Brothers series, so we’ve been very military in our choices. I’m quite looking forward to a break from it all with Captain Marvel. Oh wait, I think the universe is having a war in that! 🀣 Well I can’t do daft horror movies, and romcoms are just urk, I prefer superhero’s to most of the rest of the world. Family and friends excepted. πŸ™‚

Enough blathering on, leaving you with my fave shot of the day

Day 196 ~ Hanging on.