Day 218 Birdy Central

Regular readers will know about the Happy Eater tree in my front garden, from where I photograph birds that visit the feeders I have there. This year I’ve also hung some feeders around the Shed. Not much happened though, the odd sparrow and bluetit now and then. However in the last month it seems to have turned into Birdy Central, with lots of sparrows, bluetits and a few blackbirds visiting frequently and en masse. I’ve run out of bird food til I go shopping tomorrow, but the Shed feeders are still half full, so this morning the whole lot descended on them. As well as the sparrows and blackbirds, we now have 3 thrushes that turned up at the front this week, and out of no-where 2 greenfinches came to visit while I was having my breakfast. Not seen them before so very exciting! Shot upstairs to get my camera and managed a couple of shots. Yay!

Spuggy and Greenfinch sharing the feeder.
Greenfinch in the bushes.

More exciting even than that, this evening I spotted a bird on one of the houses opposite, at first I thought it was a pigeon, but then it swooped down to my garden for an instant and it was obviously a hawk of some description, probably a sparrow hawk. Phil spotted it had then landed a few houses along and sat on the rooftop there. My poor old telephoto lens was at full extension trying to get a shot as this was quite a way away, and of course the dark rooftop against the bright(ish) sky made it into a half silhouette as well as being a small bird on the photo. All the fannying on in the world couldn’t get a decent result of the birds feathers, so I cropped the image and went full sihouette.

Day 218 ~ Sentinel

I wonder if he’s keeping an eye on Birdy Central 😳