The Corona Chronicles ~ 5

Here we are again, it’s kinda like that movie Groundhog Day, only more people are dying every day so perhaps not. Sorry, just watched last nights Panorama on the lack of PPE for frontline workers in the hospitals, and seen the exposure of the incompetence, and stupidity of the government, and the lies they have told. It is criminal. There is still not anywhere near enough protective kit for the length of time this virus is going to be with us. The programme made me so angry, and I cried over it. Probably not the best thing to have watched straight after Phil has gone to work his first night shift this week.

My hubby.

He worked some shifts last week, and it isn’t easy to do 13 hours in full astonaut kit sometimes for 3 or 4 hours at a time during an operation. In ICU the nurses do it in 2 hour swaps, so they get a break, but there’s not enough staff to do that in theatres as they’re either off sick or seconded to ICU πŸ™„.

I heard on the news we’ve become 2nd only to Italy in the European Death Race, go us.

OK sorry, sorry, Fek me I don’t mean to be a doom and gloom merchant, but it’s just so astronomically sad, and it didn’t have to be like this.

I needed to get that off me chest!

Onwards ever onwards, what is going on with the weather?? It’s been almost summer-like here for about 3 weeks. I guess really this is what Spring used to be like before clouds took over. I have been musing that perhaps because there is so much less shit being put into the atmosphere from planes and boats and trains and cars, that there’s nothing to make many clouds from any more. πŸ™‚ It has been so cool to see video’s of animals ‘taking back the world’ too, this makes me smile. 😊

I have returned to playing with Potatoshop Photoshop to make twirly things out of normal photos.

I made this from the photo of the sunset I posted in my last Chronicle.

Wardley Sunset

and this from a collage of iphone selfies I took on our travels abroad, that I then made into a Wedding Anniversary card for Phil (8 years last Monday!) I’ll spare you the original 🀣


I’ve also been esconced in my shed with bits of wire, water,dandelions, and little people.

Seed Forest
Shelter in a storm
Hanging On

A fair amount of mess was made in the process. I need to perfect these somewhat, they’re not bad for first attempts but hopefully I will regale you with better ones next time.

Ther has been an affaire du coeur in our garden last week. We had two hedgehogs snuffling together in a mating ritual that was a) funny as fek, b) interminable and c) noisy. The chap Hedgehog (they’re called Hogs, and lady hedgehogs are called Sows, but they seem too cute for that), snuffles around the Lady Hedgehog, going around her in circles and snorting at her nether regions. It goes on for ages. We kept popping out from watching our movie to see if they were still going, and he was snuffling for about 3 hours all told. Dammit though they went off to the dark part of the garden where the cameras can’t pick them up, still I got videos of the 2 of them in the garden and it’s up on the Youtube Hedgey channel. (Link in the menu) If they did The Deed, (and I so hope they did!) the hoglettes will be out and about at the beginning of July. Fingers crossed they turn up on camera.

So that’s it folks, hope you are all well, keeping your chins up and staying frosty.

Day 280 ~ Hedgehog News

Over the past couple of weeks the Hedgehog sightings have become fewer and fewer. Henrietta has been the longest term visitor, but we hadn’t seen her for about a week now. We thought she was possibly pregnant and birthing had happened, but no sightings of her with hoglets sadly. Harriet is long gone, Mr.Munchy was here for 4 nights last week but then no more, Archie & Slash both were two nighters. Then we’ve had 2 nights without any HH’s at all, but last night Miss Splotty turned up for a while, and later on I’m sure Henrietta came back, but looked smaller, so whether it’s a different HH with very similar markings, or she’s had her babies, I can’t really tell.

In the forums of Hedgehog street website this happens at this time of year, and loads of HH watchers are saying the same thing, as hibernation starts to kick in, though it seems a bit early to me.

We’ve got quite fond of Henrietta and bought a hedgehog house for her to have her babies in, tucked under the Leilandi at the back of the garden, camouflaged with branches over it, and dry leaves inside for them to make a nest. It’s quite roomy in there. Unfortunately Henrietta disappeared before it arrived πŸ™„. I am thinking that like the birdbox I put up on the fence 5 years ago, and the bug hotel I put up 2 years ago, nothing will ever use it! Still, early days! We live in hope! Anyways this is it .

Day 280 ~ Hoggy Home.

Day 273

We are still recording the nightly wildlife visitations to our garden on a trail camera. So far we have identified the hedgehogs Harriet, Henrietta, Rodger, Mr.Munch, Mr.Twoscoops, and Slash.

Harriet was our first and visited for a quite a few nights, but we haven’t seen her since our return from Italy. Rodger was a one visit only, he impregnated one of the ladies and that was the last we saw of him. What a cad! Henrietta has been our longest regular visitor but for the past 2 nights she hasn’t turned up :/ and we are reasonably certain she was the pregnant one, so I guess she may be busy doing that. Mr. Munch visited for 3 nights but then no more, and both Slash and Twoscoops have been one nighters.

We have other occasional visitors, Sid the Snail, and Mini the Mouse, as well as the odd neighbourhood cat. We were, and still are, leaving hedgehog food- biscuits out in a dish on the patio which was fine while the weather was dry, but when it rains the biscuits go soggy, so I have devised a rather fetching shelter for it.

Day 273 ~ shelter

I’ve also ordered a Hedgeog House for the garden so they can snuggle up in that if they want.

In the menu of this blog you can click on Hedgehog Cam, and see some short videos from the cam, I only put them up when there’s a new hedgehog, or if something fun happens, so have alook if you want a cuteness shot in the arm.

Day 249

I’m just about packed and ready to go at 5.30 tomorrow morning πŸ₯΄ flight times are so awful sometimes! I’m leaving you with an update on Garden Watch. This morning, as in most mornings, the Band of Spuggies had a bath in the hedgehogs drinking water,

Day 249 ~ Spuggy splash

I’m still setting up the trail camera every. night and so far we’ve identified 3 different hedgehogs,

This is Stripey, not sure yet off it’s a boy or a girl
Harriet, definitely a girl
Rodger the reprobate (he pillaged Harriet at the beginning of the week)

finally a very short video of Stripey and Harriet sharing dinner πŸ™‚

Harriet & Stripey

Day 238 & tales from Fraggle Towers

Phew it’s a hotty today! The weather forecast says we’re at 24 degC today (75.2F) but the thermometer in the garden is showing 34C (93.2F) at 1pm, so of course that’s the perfect temp and time for mad dogs and Englishmen to go out in the midday sun. Or in this case just a mad Englishman (the one I’m married to at this time).

thwarting the Monster Jasmine
Day 238 ~ wrangling the lawn

He was jolly fast though, all done in 20 mins flat! It’s been good to have some much needed sunshine even though I have on occasion moaned about the heat πŸ™„. The McFatface is just about better so I can go to work tomorrow and not scare my clients. On Thursday night we got a glimpse of our visiting hedgehog, and finally saw his face, very cute. He/she’s been visiting most nights and we know this as we bought some hedgehog biscuits that we leave in a dish for it. And now ta da….

apeman trail camera

we bought a trail camera from Amazon. It’s what you’ve probably seen in wildlife programmes when they’re trying to catch sight of rare tigers and the like, though I am thinking we’re more likely to see the neighbourhood cats. Hopefully though we’ll get some footage of the ‘hog. It can take videos of varying lengths and quality settings, sound, stills and is quite easy to set up. We put it out all night last night and I was excited to see all the biscuits were gone this morning, so checked the camera and found I hadn’t actually switched it to the ‘on’ position. Doh! πŸ™„ Hopefully tonight will have a better result!

For my 60th birthday present Phil and I are off on a trip, a week in Tuscany, Italy, staying at a converted Medici palace and I’m really looking forward to it, but not for a couple of weeks yet, we like to wait til the kids are back to school and everyone else has gone back to work πŸ™‚

I have found my 70th though, I found a link to this amazing train journey around the world in 56 days, this is a dream trip for a person with a camera! See it HERE.

I can’t remember which of my bloggypals put me on to the author Gregg Dunnet and a book called The Things You Find in Rock Pools, which was a great story about a young lad who is more or less a child prodigy, and ends up turning detective when a young girl he likes goes missing. It’s a fab read and easy but quite dark sometimes. I’ve somehow got onto his email list and got offered a free copy of his latest The Glass Tower which I’ve also read but didn’t really like overmuch. The main character is not likeable, nor are any of the supporting cast, and the story itself is too bonkers to believe in even a little bit.

Another author I’m on the email list of is Manda Scott, who couldn’t write a bad book if she tried. One of her latest emails recommended an author called N.K.Jenson and her trilogy called The Broken Earth. I can’t recommend this one highly enough. It’s set very far in the future and the world has been in turmoil for a very long time. The world-building is quite astounding, and the characters are rounded and beautifully rendered. It isn’t an easy read as there’s a lot to take in and think about, so if you are a read–a-book-a-day type of person who doesn’t need to think too much, it’s not for you, but if you like books with depth and resonance, this would move and stir you.

It’s been quite a Marvel-ous week (see what I did there? πŸ˜‚ ) film wise as it’s been my birthday week and I got to choose. I have decided to do the whole of the MCU movies in order so this week have seen Iron Man (1) and The Incredible Hulk played by Edward Norton before Mark Ruffalo took on the role in the rest of the movies. I didn’t think Norton did a bad job at all, and the pathos of his character was well defined and acted, but I still prefer Ruffalo. Luckily Iron Man and The Hulk are Phil’s favourite characters (he’s not a superhero fanboy at all really) though I’m going to pay for all this with grim Russian war movies. πŸ˜‚