Monday Mobile Moments

It’s been a couple of weeks since I repotted the cauliflower plants, and am chuffed to see they are coming along very nicely 🙂

as is my potato bag, which is surprising as I planted them late

and also my mint and rosemary plants are taking off now as well

SO far the lone broccoli has grown 2 more leaves yay, but as yet is not photo-worthy and of 3 pepper plants I bought from Asda, 2 are surviving, one has been eaten by an imported bug that came with them grrr!  So one plant death only which is a good result for me, but also a bug murder, he deserved it.  🙂

Thats the end of tales from the greenhouse for now :). have some flowers..

Thursday Thoughts

Spring is upon us, things are beginning to sprout and colours are returning to the landscape and gardens.  This year my blossom tree in the front garden has been especially spectacular and I looked out of the window this morning to see we have been seriously petalled

My mums plant on the back garden is giving off some fiery red shoots

and my Mother’s Day flowers are blooming in the conservatory.

In the kitchen my herb garden is progressing nicely

and I have more herbs to plant and a poppy garden to grow around my shed this year

Since the weekend when we put the clocks forward the days feel longer and the temperatures are getting warmer, this time of year makes me happy 🙂