Thursday Thoughts

It’s been a busy day for me, I worked an extra morning at the clinic, then did some shopping and came home to have a mad cooking session.  Now and again Phil or I will do a job lot of dishes and freeze them so we don’t have to mess about cooking when we get home from work.  Today I did Bolognese, and Chili Con Carne.  It was messy

the bolognese turned out well

and we had the chili with home made garlic bread for dinner and it was lush!

I feel very domesticated.

It was nice to have the sun coming through the kitchen window setting all my flappers off

I also came across some new flappers on my photography outing last weekend very pleased with a dinosaur, elephant, shaun the sheep, and owl and best of all a unicorn!

This evening Phil and I have been booking a ferry and hotels for our trip next month.  Phil is exhibiting his models at the big model show in Eindhoven in a few weekends time, as well as being one of the judges of the competition, very prestigious!  We are setting off the weekend before and stopping off at various places on our way to the model show. We start in Bruges, then Arnhem, Waterloo, and Bastogne staying one night in each place and visiting lots of museums and battlefields and the like. Apart from our weekend in Poland at Eddy’s we haven’t had a holiday this year, so am looking forward to being away, and taking lots of photographs.  It’ll be a whirlwind tour!  A lot of driving of course, but I’m no stranger to that, and Phil will do some too. Less than 4 weeks to go so now I can start being a bit excited!  We are also thinking of a week in the sun somewhere in December when Phil retires for 2 weeks, so I’m thinking Canary Islands.  Their last war took place between 1402 and 1496 so I think I can safely say we’ll be having a break from our usual travel itinerary!  It will be a nice change as though it’s cool to learn stuff and also see new places, I do get quite sad doing all the war stuff sometimes. And it will be nice to have some proper sunshine! (Fingers and toes crossed!).