Day 253

Florence today. Didn’t do brilliantly with photography, just touristy shots, and then got heatstroke so had to come back to hotel :/ . But what an amazing place. Magnificent buildings which I’ll try and wrangle into something half decent when I do the post on the universe blog, but for now here’s one of my fave bits, Neptunes bum 🙂

Day 251

The Medici Villa “La Ferdinanda” was commissioned by Ferdinand I (1549-1609) as a home to stay with their guests during the hunting within the Barco Reale, the vast reservoir created by Cosimo I.

The project was entrusted to Bernardo Buontalenti (1536 – 1608) and the building was completed in just four years, from 1596 to 1600.

Our hotel is part of the estate, and this is taken from the medieval village of Artimino, across the olive groves.

La Ferdinanda Villa Medici

Day 250

So here I am safe and sound, in spite of hurtling through the sky in a steel tube with flaps, and in spite of roads which were narrow with twisty turns up the side of a mountain. Serious parping going round hairpin bends I tell you. No matter, here we are in a sumptuous hotel with fab views. This will all get to the universe blog eventually, before I die 😀 but this week a little taster.

Room 31 Hotel Paggeria Medicea
It has a wine holder!!
shower room
the hotel restaurant, built in 1600’s, nice staff, gorgeous setting, underwhelmed with the food.