Day 30

When I was a kid, in warmish times, Mum would clean her car outside our house, with a brush and hose. But Yorkshire in winter, then even more than now, is horrible, lovely snow followed by days of sludge and mush, which spattered everywhere whether you were walking or driving. So a couple of times in winter Mum would take the car through a proper carwash, and I would be in the passenger seat. I grew up before homebound technology happened to us all, so going through the carwash was really exciting, at least it was in my eyes!

Since I’ve grown up and had my own cars, I still get a thrill going through the car wash (I do NOT care if you think I’m sad!! πŸ™‚ ) and I get quite giddy photographing the experience, though not many shots come out well. Now I’ve got Noddy, I’m putting him through once a week when I do my weekly shop, because he looks cute and I don’t like to see him dirty. Of course, he’s so small I could go round him with a cloth at home in 10 minutes flat, but then I wouldn’t have my 15 minutes a week of nostalgia and thrill as the multicoloured goop gets squirted over us and the gigantic blue brushes sweep over and by. And the sound in there is amazing, I must video a trip one day!

So inside my 365 B&W project, there is a side project going on, entitled ‘Carwash’. Some of it is in colour, but the B&W versions will be part of this 365. I’m probably a little bonkers, but I don’t care. πŸ€ͺ

The big Blue

Day 28

This cold & cough has really got me fed up today. Had an unstoppable coughing fit at work just as I was about to do a client and had to get my boss to take over while I went and died in the kitchen πŸ™„. It’s horrible when it happens, you feel like you’ve got a sharp pin stuck in your throat and have to cough til it’s gone. I got sent home early.

So I haven’t felt and don’t feel into photography at all today, I need to curl up with a hot toddy and a good book. But I can’t not do a shot of the day, so I tidied up my playroom desk and here it is. A nice place to be.


Day 26

Still sniffling, snuffling and sneezing but functioning quite well I think. πŸ™‚ Tomorrow is Sunday Challenge day over on Ipernity, and the them is lamps so I have taken a picture of one of my favourites. Back in the day, i.e before I was 10 yrs old 😳 my Mum bought me a little pottery lamp that looked like a toadstool and had little mice inside it. 49 years later I thought it would be nice to have one like it in the spare room for the grandkids, but didn’t know who made them or even what they were called. I ended up doing an ebay search for ‘vintage lamps’. You can imagine how many pages came up for that! There’s a lot of vintage and fake vintage under that search I can tell you.

But I kept trawling through, and though there’s a saying ‘fortune favours the brave’ I prefer to say ‘fortune favours the bloody-minded persistent buggers’. πŸ˜€

Toadstool lamp ~ with cats.

Day 17

Snow day!!! I was very surprised this morning when in the space of 10 minutes a whole heap of snow descended from the sky and within half an hour, Wardley was a white-out. Of course, it’s nearly all gone now, the sun came out all afternoon and melted it. But for half an hour this morning, I ran around the front and back of the house shooting snow. So a few more than usual on the daily post, with my ‘official’ day post being at the end.

The beginning
and onwards
snow fingers
Robin Ironsides
Day 17