Day 182 & a recap.

1st July today, so that’s 6 months of the the 365 completed. Only 1/2 a year to go. I have to admit doing B&W every day doesn’t always inspire me, especially when the sun is out and there are beautiful colours everywhere you look. I nearly decided to ditch the B&W and do the 2nd half of this project in colour. But I would feel like I cheated myself so here we go for another 183 days in B&W.

I had a re-read of day 5 when I said why I was doing the 365 project, and reminded myself I’d been in a bit of a photographic slump and needed a challenge. Well it is certainly challenging. I find I’ve learned to see in shapes and tones and light and shade and take more notice of those elements now, even when I’m on my ‘outings’ and shooting in colour. I’m also learning to know when a photo is going to be better in B&W and photograph it accordingly, though I’m still on a steep learning curve with that one. So it is changing my photography. I can look back at my earlier work and cringe now haha!

For the 2nd half of the year I’m going to take a step back from the technical and the seriousity, and play more. Let me know how I’m doing 🙂

Day 182 ~ treetops

Day 180

For the past 3 days the weather forecasters have been showing on their weather map our mini-heatwave, courtesy of the Sahara desert via Europe. It’s all supposed to end tomorrow. Well dear reader, I have to say, that apart from Thursday, which was admittedly a beautiful day, and in spite of the promises from the weather forecasters, today can be labelled Sucky McSuckface. The sun never arrived in Gateshead. 😦

Day 180 ~ The heatwave ~ aka Sucky McSuckface Day.

Also, it’s raining now.

Day 177​

Had to deliver some hearing aids for work in South Shields today, so stopped off after and took some shots of the rather marvelous Town Hall. Unfortunately, from whatever angle you look at it, there is loads of street furniture in the way of it, and though I managed to get rid of a couple of bits, the Give Way sign was just too much! Click on it to embiggen as the details of the building are well cool.

Day 177 ~ South Shields Town Hall

Day 176

I’m having a new Orchid experience. Usually, I buy an orchid, look after it, it flowers for about 3 months, the flowers drop off and then that’s it. On one occasion one of them flowered again after an 18 month rest, but mostly they don’t. I give them 3 years and figure if they haven’t re-flowered by then they never will, then consign them to compost and get a replacement. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but am buggered if I know what. One of my Orchids though has confounded this by flowering again when it hasn’t stopped flowering the first time! My white orchid has had 4 flowers on it for a couple of months which are still going strong, but I noticed this week it’s grown a new branch with buds on it right next to one of the flowers. They are strange creatures.

Day 176

Also, thanks to everyone enquiring about my health, I am much improved and felt loads better today! Yipee!