365 2023 ~ Hipstamatic week 9

This has been a fun week. I’ve been using the Malasaña pak which consists of the Franco lens which is a simple lens that adds much warmth and emphasis in the yellow tones to images, and the Libros film, which adds abstraction and mid-frame effects to photos.  Named after Malasaña in Spain, which sounds a groovy place to be ~ Malasaña is a happening, student-friendly area, with streets filled with coffee shops, bakeries and vintage clothing stores. The Plaza del 2 de Mayo, a historic square lined with lively bars and weekend market stalls, is a popular meeting spot. At night, edgy dance and rock clubs host live bands and DJs, and the Conde Duque cultural center shows art and open-air movies in its 18th-century halls and courtyards.

These won’t appeal to everyone as they come in on the arty~farty side of life, but I really liked using this and shot loads more than I usually do. I think you have to look more into the photos and try to put things together in your brain, so not just an easy look-see image, and I used it with that in mind.

Sunday 26th February
Nothing much happening today, which is normal for Sundays when the weather is pants and the kids don’t visit. I took this slice-of-life shot in my little room, this is the board on the wall behind where I sit at the computer. I like how the sun sent some shafts of light to illuminate parts of it.

The Board of Everything

Monday 27th February
Another manic Monday at work. I didn’t have time to do anything there with photos so took some shots of some flowers I’ve got at home instead.

Flowery things.

Tuesday 28th February
Tuesday has become the absolute worst day for driving to work and then home. I have to go through the Tyne Tunnels, and lately the queues to get to it in the morning and evening are horrendous. I don’t get it because Mondays used to be busy too but the traffic on Mondays is much less now, whereas Tuesday is much worse. 🤷‍♀️

Losing the will to live.

Wednesday 1st March
A slow day at work, and then to ASDA for the weekly shop, but nothing floated my boat photographically speaking. Another slice-of-life shot from the little room.

The Shelves of Loveliness

Thursday 2nd March
Today is Phil’s birthday, but he was at work from 8am to 6pm. I got him some books I knew he’d like as a present, and cooked his favourite dinner- beef and broccoli in black bean sauce.


Friday 3rd March
Today Phil had his birthday part 2, and we went out to meet up with Shelley for lunch at the Red Lion. Completely forgot to take a photo but later Phil called me to see Winnie who had joined him in the bathroom to oversee his ablutions by sitting on top of the towel rail.

Winnie & Phil

Saturday 4th March
Phil had his birthday part 3 when Richard Sounds (a hi-fi dealer) texted to say his new thingumty-bob for his sound system had arrived. So he went off to Newcastle to pick it up, and is now replacing the 10 year old thingy for the new one. (Which looks exactly the same as the old one but hopefully improves Phil’s perception of the sound he gets from his system!).

Birthday part 3.

That’s another week done and time to move on to a new combination or hipstapak, I’m going to miss this one!