365 ~ Hipstamatic Week 20

This week I’ve gone with the Marshall lens which adds ‘unexpected color shifts reminiscent of infrared photography’, and the Cheshire film, a vintage film which ‘adds a nicely aged border to your image’. So this week we’re looking at the world through rose tinted spectacles.

Sunday 14th May
Not much happening today, weather is meh. I cooked a Sunday Roast dinner which was yummy. Took a test shot of the new combination and was pleasantly surprised. No more grey skies this week!

test shot

Monday 15th May
Another day another dollar. Our office manager is back from her holiday and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. When I got home there was a bit of evening sunshine and the Happy Eater tree looked good in pink.

In the pink

Tuesday 16th May
Bonnie and Clyde await the apocalypse.

Bonnie & Clyde

Wednesday 17th May
The weekly ‘rubbish’ shot, sorry. Busy day and this was the best I could come up with. Sigh. It’s some sort of wildish rose thing in our front garden.


Thursday 18th May
Another busy day as I worked extra as the OM had to go to hospital today and I had a chiropractor appointment. I shot the next door neighbour’s magnolia which pokes a flower through our fence quite fetchingly, though I could have done without the hole in it’s petal. I suppose it gives it character. Not sure why this one was more purpley than pink.


Friday 19th May
I had an optician appointment this morning, to have my new blinkers fitted. Whilst I was in the waiting area I noticed the gentleman across from me was holding a bag that was a skull wearing goggles. It’s a strange world we live in isn’t it?

Skull & Goggles Man

Saturday 20th May
Sophie was back from Spain this weekend and it was a gorgeous sunny day to go out with our cameras. We went to a few different places but first to South Shields to shoot the cool new graffiti I’d spotted the day before, and the umbrellas in the sky. They’ll be on Film Friday at some point.

The two toglateers.

So that’s it for this week and it was a fun week Hipstamatically speaking. Not always easy to get a decent colour or exposure (Thursday) but mostly worked out OK, well I like them anyway!