Day 146

I’ve been a little under the weather today. What an absolutely stupid phrase to mean you’ve not been feeling well. Under the weather. What numpty thought that one up, and why on earth did it catch on?

Well I can tell you as I’ve just asked google so you don’t have to, though you may already know the answer anyway.

In the old days, when a sailor was unwell, he was sent down below to help his recovery, under the deck and away from the weather.

Of course, there is never just one answer! From a different site comes … “Passengers aboard ships become seasick most frequently during times of rough seas and bad weather. Seasickness is caused by the constant rocking motion of the ship. Sick passengers go below deck, which provides shelter from the weather, but just as importantly the sway is not as great below deck, low on the ship.”

Either way, it’s a sailing thing. However, I am not sailing today, but still can be classed as under the weather I feel. No matter, it’s not a biggy and I’ll be right as rain (! ) 🤣🤣 in no time!!

Day 146 ~ Noddy

Day 123

A long drive to Dover, took us 8 hours but we did have a 1/2hr lunch stoppage. Lots of traffic once we got down south, and it being a bank holiday weekend didn’t help matters. Still, we were not stuck in a jam for any length of time, but a fair amount of crawling along the M25. We usually go down the A1 and join the M11 to cut the corner off the M25, but on the way down we heard the A1 was closed as a car had gone across the central barrier around Grantham, so we had to change tack and do the M1 instead. Never mind, we are here in Dover staying overnight at a Premier Inn, and we had a nice dinner in the restaurant attached, went for a walk to get some biscuits for Phil, and I took a shot of one of the ferries arriving.

Day 123

So a couple of G&T’s and early to bed!

Day 122

Well I’m more or less ready for off, mostly packed, just a few last minute things in the morning. Of course, I’ve packed way too many clothes and stuff, but at least made a decision on cameras. I figured trying to choose which one to take out every day would drive me bonkers, so I’ve gone for travelling light. The X100F digital, the Minolta Riva 35mm, and the Instax Wide for fun! Long day driving down to Dover tomorrow, and the weather doesn’t look great, so will be taking it steady.

Day 122

We’re staying in a Water Mill in the French countryside, but will be having days out to various places. Not sure where as yet! It’s Phil’s job to sort out our day trips, I organise the travel. If there is internet there I’ll still be posting the daily shot, and checking in with you dear reader, but if not, I’ll be seeing you when I get back!

Day 121

A busy day at work, and a busy afternoon/evening shopping, washing, ironing, and sorting. I knew there’d be no time for ‘proper’ photography so I tried to take a picture of Billy the Deaf Dog. Nearly got him, but his right eye should be in focus and it isn’t. That’s because he was trying to get the treat out of my hand while I was trying to take his picture and wouldn’t keep his head still. Cats are so much easier! 🙂 He still looks cute though, blurry eye or no 🙂

Day 121 ~ Billy the Deaf Dog.