Monday Mobile Moments ~ PIP app

My latest app acquisition for the iPhone, is also available on android, and is called PIP (picture in picture).  Meant for the selfie generation (of which I am not) it’s a fun app with several ways to make a picture inside a picture. It’s easy enough to use, though full of annoying adverts for more apps etc. as the version I downloaded was free.  You can take pictures (of yourself or someone/thing else) and also use the photo’s you already have in your library.  The pictures come out at low resolution so are no good for anything other than sending to your Mum or Instagram, but it’s just a bit of fun, and there’s nothing more to it than that!

This is Cal, originally taken with the Hipstamatic app, Laos film & lens combo, then brought into PIP and the magic bottle added

Cal and sister Liddy off to the shops for some M&M’s

and Liddy with god knows what all over her gob





Monday Mobile Moments ~ Hipstamatic

I think of all the millions of photography apps for the iPhone that are available, Hipstamatic is my absolute favourite and the one I use most.  Released in December 2009,with version 100, we are now on 339 and the app is still going strong.  It simulates different films and lenses, which you can use in any combination, and then you can change those combinations after the shot is taken if you change your mind.  Every now and then they release a new combination, which is an in app purchase currently at 0.99p a time.  The app itself is free and comes with a few preloaded films and lenses to get you started.I have had the app since it came out so have built up quite a collection over the past 8 years.  You can combine a film and lens and make it a favourite, and you can shake the phone to get a random combination.

You can choose different camera cases for the look of it

and you can choose to shoot in classic mode

or pro mode

the advantage of pro mode is the ability to change aspect ratio’s, classic mode only has square ratio, also you can set the focus, ISO, shutter speed and white balance by means of a very responsive slider

Choosing a combination of film & lens is easy once you’ve taken a shot

or just choose them separately

as well as choosing lens and film, there is a full suite of editing adjustments that can be made, clarity, definition, exposure, tone curves, depth of field, and lots more, so this is a really versatile app. You can also bring photos in that you’ve taken with other apps, or even your digital SLR if you’ve imported them into your iPhoto library and edit those within the app too.

My latest combo the Laos set, has the peculiar ability to make everything black and white, or desaturated,except greens, which it turns red, and is getting good use on my days out!


The app has never been available for android phones, and I’m not sure why but imagine Apple Pay them to keep it exclusive!  Hipstamatic was the first photography app I bought, and I’ve been through a fair few apps since 2009, mostly now deleted, but the endless possibilities with Hipstamatic would make me choose this over all the others, if I could have only one.



Monday Mobile Moments ~Gudak app review.

I came across this fun little app, based on the old Kodak instant cameras.  In this day of instant phone camera shots it’s a bit of a kick back to days of film, when you have to wait to see what you shots you took.  As you can see from the view finder at the top, it’s quite difficult to tell what your looking at, which is part of the fun, just aim in the general direction and press the big yellow button.  Once you’ve taken 24 shots, you press the green processing button, and 3 days later they are ready to bring into your library.  Once you’ve used your 24 shots, it’s a 12 hour wait until you get a new roll of film.  The shots come out resembling photo’s taken on the old Kodak instants, a bit grainy, a colourcast reminiscent of the 70’s, and the occasional light leak.  I read a few reviews myself before getting the app, and from them find it is possible to cheat the app by altering the date on your iPhone!  That kind of negates the whole point of having it, but people are very impatient these days.  Needless to say I waited the full 3 days and am posting a few of them for illustration.

A couple from Chesswell Hall ruins

and used at a country show

and around my house and garden





Monday Mobile Moments

I was clearing out my iPhone album this weekend to free up some space, and was struck by how many photo’s of signs I’ve taken in the past few years. SO I thought I’d share a few here and entitle my post

The Signs Of (my) Life

Italy 2013
Pub in Leighton Buzzard 2016
Bruges 2012
Columbus, Ohio 2014
Columbus 2014
Lake Ontario 2014
rest stop on Interstate 90 2014
Kentucky 2014
Nashville 2014
Nashville 2014
New York Times Square 2014
Sign of the Times (Square) 2014

Which one’s your fave?


Have a good week Wordypeeps!