Sunday 23rd September

I’ve been busy what with sorting out posts for the Universe blog, and doing the latest mosaic, which by the way is nearly finished, one last clean up to do and then it goes back in the lounge. But I’ve still been doing other bits of photography.  I love my macro lens, the fuji 80mm and have been doing some shots with it.

A little series with a candle


wax baby


arrested development

and another series with some mushrooms


I have a prism that makes a rainbow without rain

and a trilby

the rim of the brim

I’m quite fond of my telephoto lens too though it’s a cheapo 50-230mm. It does what I need though and today I trained it onto the visitors who live under my shed.

Meet Mork & Mindy

So far they have confounded the local cats that pass through the garden, though one in particular knows they are there.

Lastly I have a new weather device, called a storm glass, it has a chemical fluid inside it and crystals which grow and then un-grow depending on the temperature.

warm today

Of course it’s no substitute for looking out the window to see what the weather’s doing, but it’s pretty and cool and that’s enough for me. 🙂

Have a great week wordypeeps!


Film Friday

More shots from the dynamic Minolta duo.

Sticking with the Minolta Riva 35EX loaded with fujifilm Expedia 400.


I took it with me to the Spoon at Cramlington and to Druridge Bay,  so regular readers of The Universe blog will recognise them.

The Spoon

Druridge Bay

Swans at Druridge

A bit of sun

Beach at Druridge Bay



Film Friday

It’s been a long while since Film Friday made an appearance, but it’s back to being a regular thing now.  My Rollei has been at the menders for some time now, and finally they gave up trying to find the part necessary to fix it, and by passed the problem.  What had happened was the focusing knob gave up working, and it’s apparent that the lugs on it’s gear wheel have sheered off. This I think was my own fault, but no use crying over spilt milk.  The mender has done a work around for me so I can still use the camera by moving the lens in and out itself, that’ll take a bit of getting used to. In the meantime I have been shooting 35mm film on 2 Minolta compacts.   I had been wanting to purchase a Minolta Riva mini for some time, by all accounts it’s a bit special and is a close cousin of the Leica mini, made to the same specs.  I found one on eBay for £20 and sent off for it. But when it arrived it actually was a Minolta Riva AF35 EX, and not so special at all.  I double checked the listing and sure enough, it was my error.  Never mind, I put a fuji colour film in it and took it out and about with me. Then I found the Riva mini by accident one day in an Etsy shop, so I sent off for that, a bit more expensive as they are quite rare. When it arrived a put an Illford B&W film in and took that out and about too.  I’ve just had the 2 rolls developed, and you can tell the difference in the quality of the lens of the river mini.  The AF35 pictures all have blurry edges whereas the Riva mini is sharp throughout. I like the blurry edges though so it’s a win win for me.

Here are a few from when we had snow, the colour shots are on Fujifilm Superia Extra 400, and the B&W are on Ilford HP5 plus 400.








Dog Running Free


The Hood