Day 298

I’ve had a cold brewing since Monday, and today it’s progressed into the annual chest infection, so am not the best :/ . In spite of this I had to go into Newcastle today to find some shoes. We are off to the Cotswolds on Thursday for a family wedding, and of course you have to have a new outfit for a wedding, can’t possibly wear the one you wore for last years wedding, social death! 🙄🤣 So I bought a dress on line which (amazingly) fits, and found some shoes today to match. I hate dresses but it’s only for one day so I’ll live.

Phil came too as he needed a new jacket, and after shopping we got coffee from Greggs and sat for 10 mins. Phil went off for a browse around W.H Smiths, and I took some iphone pictures. 🙂

day 298 ~ decisions decisions
Maybe homeless..maybe not
needs a hand

Day 220

Phil and I went into Newcastle today, and of course a camera came too. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this building facade in Northumberland Street before!

Four Statues

Going clockwise from the top left, the statues are of Thomas Bewick (1755 – 1828) who was a world renowned wood engraver, ornithologist and artist.

Harry Hotspur (1366 – 1403) which was a nickname given due to his bravery in battle, particularly against the Scots and the French. His real name was Sir Henry Percy and he died fighting in a rebellion against Henry IV.

Roger Thornton (?-1429)  became Newcastle’s mayor on three occasions as well as an MP. He made his fortune as a merchant in spite of coming from a poor background.

   Sir John Marley (1590 – 1673)  Royalist Mayor of Newcastle who defended the city against an invading Scottish army in 1644 and remained as Mayor after the English Civil War.    

Can’t resist the wonderful architecture of Central Station so that’s the daily today! Also that clock’s wrong 😀

Day 220 ~ Central

Day 52

Went into Newcastle this afternoon, and took the 100F with me and did what is now known as a bit of a Joblin-with-a-g, i.e a bit of street shooting. It’s not really my normal thing, and I do have nerves going off when I’m shooting random people, so I’m not at John’s level – check his stuff out HERE

but here’s a few I managed

Smile you’re on candid camera!
The balloon busker
Joe Treacy ~ really nice voice.
Day 52 ~ shadow walking

Day 19

The Oxford Galleries in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne opened as a ballroom in 1925 and was a popular haunt for dancers through to the late sixties. From then on it changed from a dance hall to a night club and over the years had various names – Tiffany’s, the Ritzy, Ikon, The Studio, Central Park, Diva, Liquid Envy the last being Club LQ. In February 2014 plans were submitted to demolish the former Oxford Galleries in favour of new build student accommodation, and the house to the left would become a coffee bar. The house was built by the architect, John Dobson, as his private house in 1825 and he lived here until his death in 1865.

This is an aerial view of the area back in the day

And a view of it in its heyday.

and this is my picture of it today, hidden amongst the student accommodation.

Day 19, The Oxford

Film Friday

I’ve got a couple more rolls back from the developers, this time both films shot on the Riva Mini.  I used Kodak Max 400 and Fujifilm Super Extra 400 and have to say the fuji came out much better. Not sure why but the pictures from Kodak max came out very grainy- I could excuse it due to overcast weather, but a couple I took in sunny conditions were nearly as bad.  The Fujifilm was used on a sunny day and came out lovely.

But first, the grainy ones, and again at the WW1 bash at Beamish (digital shots HERE)




My cherry blossom tree..



even though it’s grainy, I do like the colour tones, especially on a blue-sky day.

Had another trip into Newcastle and took a couple there


and on the way home one Phil walking up the road that runs through the village we live in.


I am liking film more and more, there’s such a retro feel to the results, and I don’t have to do anything in Lightroom or Potatoshop so it frees up a lot of time for me to do my mosaics!




Film Friday

Still the same Fuji roll of film in the Riva AF35ex, these are all from a day out in the Toon with Phil

lunch time


Fake beach huts


The Entertainers


Chris Hemsworth ~ Boss!


Begone thou damnable pigeon afore I remove thy head!

as always the pictures are clickable for an embiggened experience 😀



Mundanity Monday

Another week completed of B&W with (mostly) no people.

On Monday my shiny new (well almost new- ‘good as’ according to amazon) 23mm lens arrived.

I forgot to do a shot on Tuesday 🙄

On Wednesday the moon was out in daylight and though I did get a sharp shot, I like this one with the blurry bird and moon better

It snowed on Thursday

and on Friday Frego came back to do a shoot, she brought assistants and they had a tea break or two during the shoot

Phil spent  Saturday changing stereo equipment from one room to another

and on Sunday Sophie and I went off to Newcastle to do a Heritage tour of the 17th Century Guild Hall, which will be reported on the Universe blog at some point.