Day 313

At last it stopped raining, at least until Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ so Sophie and I are off out tomorrow to visit Tynemouth Priory, and go to the market there, always good for photography and buying things ๐Ÿ™‚ . Today has been frustrating and annoying, the sunday challenge theme is ‘distortion’ this week, and so I got out the crystal balls and spent ages trying stuff out but nothing I was happy with. After doing a month of it back in 2016 you’d think it’d be easy for me, but it wasn’t. :/ So a last resort, I managed one of the orchids this evening. It will have to do. Sigh.

day 313 ~ distorted orchid

Day 225

I bought this orchid to photograph back on day 42, and photographed it then when it only had a couple of flowers on it. 187 days later today, the last flower has opened. It has been lush to watch it grow to magnificence, my others don’t really compare I’m afraid. In a few days time the first of its flowers will start to perish, and one by one they’ll all drop off. I wanted to take a shot of it in full magnifico mode before that happens, so here it is.

Day 225 ~ The white orchid.

Day 176

I’m having a new Orchid experience. Usually, I buy an orchid, look after it, it flowers for about 3 months, the flowers drop off and then that’s it. On one occasion one of them flowered again after an 18 month rest, but mostly they don’t. I give them 3 years and figure if they haven’t re-flowered by then they never will, then consign them to compost and get a replacement. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but am buggered if I know what. One of my Orchids though has confounded this by flowering again when it hasn’t stopped flowering the first time! My white orchid has had 4 flowers on it for a couple of months which are still going strong, but I noticed this week it’s grown a new branch with buds on it right next to one of the flowers. They are strange creatures.

Day 176

Also, thanks to everyone enquiring about my health, I am much improved and felt loads better today! Yipee!

Day 42

I love growing Orchids. I have killed a fair few in my time, but the latest ones I’ve had for a couple of years or so now. Most of them lost all their flowers and have lain dormant for 18 months, but about 6 months ago 2 of them started to grow new stems. They are so slow!! They eventually got a few flower buds on them, though not many, and have done nothing else for weeks. But this evening one of the buds has started to open up, such excitement!

Day 42