365 ~ Hipstamatic Week 19

A better week this week I think. I chose the Peel-apart hipstapak which consists of a Peale lens – “Add a saturated and contrasty colour quality with this instant film inspired lens” and the Type 10 film, which adds the “lovely analog quality of peel-apart instant film to your arsenal”.

Sunday 7th May
A day and night out for Phil and I. A blue sky day too! We went into Newcastle in the afternoon as I wanted to visit The Baltic, ( a flour mill converted into a centre for contemporary art) to see the “full career retrospective by one of the UK’s most important and influential post-war documentary photographers, Chris Killip (1946–2020”) who spent 2 years immersed in the North East in the 70’s and 80’s when everything had gone to ratshit up here. Well worth a visit. After, we had a bite to eat and then went to the Anarchy Brew Company to see one of our favourite up and coming bluesy bands, Cardinal Black. It wasn’t a large venue and I was lucky enough to be at the front, had a great time!

Kitiwakes nesting on the side of the Baltic.

Monday 8th May
A coronation Bank Holiday and Shelley came to visit with Cal and Liddy. Phil’s clearing out the loft of stuff including old toys and he inveigled the kids into checking out that the jigsaws going to the charity shop had all their pieces. Turned out to be more fun than a phone!

analogue kids

Tuesday 9th May
Oh my days what a nightmare back at work. Lynn our office manager is away in Thailand so I’m in an hour early to ring back and book in all the people who have emailed in to get appointments and after the Bank Holiday weekend they were legion. This on top of doing my plethora of clients. I was glad to get home. This evening Phil cleaned some of his newly purchased LP’s, the machine he uses is louder than a loud thing on a loud day, sounds a bit like a chainsaw on speed.

analogue man

Wednesday 10th May
Same poo different day applies here for work, though at least I finished at 2pm, but then had to go and do the weekly shop at ASDA. Phil cooked a pub-grub dinner, I know, I know, Scampi,chips (fries) and peas are not the healthiest, but oh my was it lush.

pub-grub Wednesday

Thursday 11th May
I did an extra morning at work to do the bookings, postage and sales as I had an appointment with the chiro anyway. It was a beautiful sunny morning when I got up and at 7am Winnie was rolling around catching the rays and being cute on top of my shed.


Friday 12th May
It was Phil’s daughters 39th birthday yesterday but she was at work. So after I’d been to specsavers to get some new blinkers and Phil had perused the record stall on the market, in South Shields, we went over to Shelley’s house for a cuppa and to give her a card.

Birthday girl and Dad

Saturday 13th May
We are at war. Over the past couple of weeks, a big bruiser of a cat we have named Billy~Big~B****cks (for obvious reasons when you see him from behind) has been visiting our driveway and back garden, spraying his urkiness and being aggressive with Lord Vincent and Winnie. Not too much a problem for Lord V, he’s big and stands his ground until attacked, when he runs back home, and really not a problem for Winnie as she’s faster than a speeding bullet getting away from him, but it stresses her out and of course the cystitis she had that we’d just got on top of, is now back. Lord V has taken to policing the catflap at night for hours so at least Billy~Big~B’s will not get in the house easily. I sent for weaponry which arrived today, and we will prevail.

H2O weapons system.

So that’s it. I liked this combo more than I thought I would, and took a lot of shots with it so had a hard time choosing the daily! It also reminded me of my Mum who had a Polaroid land camera back in the jurassic era, which used peel apart film, fun memories.

Onwards dear chums!….