Days 278 & 9 & Tales from Fraggle Towers

It’s been a busy weekend at Fraggle Towers. Yesterday I went out with Sophie to photogrgaph the North East Land Sea & Air Museum, followed by lunch at the Washington Wetlands Tryst and a walk around there which ended up quite exciting for us as we saw and photographed a Kingfisher, which neither of us had ever seen before. Of course we don’t have proper wildlife lenses, but we did OK with what we have. Apart from all the exotic and colourful ducks and swans and flamingo’s, I spotted a tree full of your bog standard boring pigeons, but I thought they were just right for B&W.

Day 278~ Pie Tree.

Today we’ve had the Sunday Family afternoon, and Shelley and the kids came over, always a shoe-in for a photograph!

Day 279 ~ Liddy and Grandaw.

What we’ve been watching of late on the tellybox is a series called World On Fire on the Beeb, from BT’s site –“the emotionally gripping, landmark TV series from Peter Bowker (The A Word) tells the story of ordinary people caught up in the Second World War. Helen Hunt, Lesley Manville and Sean Bean lead the stellar, international cast, which also includes Blake Harrison, Jonah Hauer-King, Julia Brown and Yrsa Daley-Ward.”

I’ve watched the first episode and it’s done well. The acting is passable, the attention to detail astounding and the cinematography fabulous. It reminds me a bit of that old American series Winds of War with Robert Mitchum et al, which I ejoyed a lot so I think I’ll be happy enough with a British take on it.

I’m recording Catherine The Great from Sky and will do that soon, can’t beat Helen Mirren for being a Queen and historical fun and games so am looking forward to that.

We’ve binge watched, i.e 1 or 2 episodes an evening, Game of Thrones 1- 7 and it’s just as amzing the 2nd time around. I’m also reading the books again and being double whammied. They are so well written.

I have to say, having watched so many battle scenes over the years with Phil’s war movies I’d be hard pressed to find a favourite. I’m not sure the beginning of Private Ryan is classed as one, but it’s up there. Also Zulu the final battle, just amazing. But I’ve not really seen any convincing ones on TV. I was blown away re-watching G.O.T’s Battle of the Bastards, better than a lot of movies, you felt you were amongst it. There’s no magic here, no dragons, very little CGI, just a visceral, heart pounding do or die piece of action with ordinary soldiers. I’m posting the youtube clip to it if battle scenes are your thing. Even if you don’t do Thrones, it’s still worth a watch. You can tell me a TV programme that’s done it better after 🙂 . Also don’t watch it if you’re a bit wussy about blood and gore 😀

Back to work tomorrow, ear wax be afraid!!

Day 163

The atrocious weather here continues, I had plans for another Land of Giants shot, but that went all to ratshit as I had to take Phil to pick up his car from repair. Not a great journey, 9 miles of rush hour traffic there, and 9 miles back, so by the time we did that and then made dinner and munched it, I truly could not be arsed with anything clever. Luckily I had spotted Baby Woody hunkering down on our fence, he looked as miserable about the rain as we did.

Day 163 ~ Baby Woody

In other news poor Phil hasn’t been well since Sunday, with an unidentified lurgy, until today when the sneezing began, adding to his already settled in cough and general feeling of malaise. A bad cold we think. I am determined not to succumb to his evil bugs, but my nose is runny, my eyes are a bit stingy, I feel worn out and my legs are achy so I think I may have fallen foul of them already. Keeping quiet though, one dying swan in the household at a time is best! 🙂