Monday Mobile Moments ~ PIP app

My latest app acquisition for the iPhone, is also available on android, and is called PIP (picture in picture).  Meant for the selfie generation (of which I am not) it’s a fun app with several ways to make a picture inside a picture. It’s easy enough to use, though full of annoying adverts for more apps etc. as the version I downloaded was free.  You can take pictures (of yourself or someone/thing else) and also use the photo’s you already have in your library.  The pictures come out at low resolution so are no good for anything other than sending to your Mum or Instagram, but it’s just a bit of fun, and there’s nothing more to it than that!

This is Cal, originally taken with the Hipstamatic app, Laos film & lens combo, then brought into PIP and the magic bottle added

Cal and sister Liddy off to the shops for some M&M’s

and Liddy with god knows what all over her gob