Day 202

A few weeks ago, on one of my weekly shopping trips to ASDA (deep joy 🙄) I was checking out the plants and orchids when I spotted this thing, called a ‘Dinosaur Plant’. Now who in their right mind can resist a dinosaur plant especially at £4.50 ($5) ? Well not me obviously. Of course I googled dinosaur plant and there are several, none of which look anything like mine, which appears to be some sort of cactus/succulent. Anyhoo no matter, so far it has survived my ministrations, and at the beginning of this week it produced a long stalk growing up from it’s middle, with leafyish bits at the top of the stalk. Not sure if this is going to be a flower or baby plantlets. Stay tooned, and we’ll all find out. How exciting my life is! 🤣

Day 202 ~ dinosaur plant

Day 152

This is a bit of a cheat as these are all colour shots apart from the feature image, but it’s a follow on from a post over from Petes blog (CLICK HERE) regarding plant identification. Am hoping Jude can come up with the answer, but if anyone else has any idea, do chip in!

flower bit
leaf bit
buds bit
the whole enchilada

Day 134

How annoying, 2 days of sunshine and I’m working on both of them! Of course the weather will change for the worse on my days off. Sigh. Never mind, I’m used to it 🙂

Today I photographed the new plant in the garden. Can’t remember what it is, a hydrangea I think. It was flowering very prettily when we bought it, lovely pale pink petals. So I was surprised to see IN YOUR FACE RED petals beginning to open up this week.

Day 134 ~ red petals 🙂

Day 9

Lucky Bamboo, now there’s a thing. I was looking for flowers to photograph in ASDA and came across this plant, Lucky Bamboo said the label. So I had to have it, and here it is. It’s well weird, I had a google thing and found you can do all sorts of interesting shapes and stuff with it, have a quick click here to see some. Well cool!

So here’s mine, moodily shot in B&W.

Lucky Bamboo

The only thing is chlorinated tap water kills them off eventually… and I keep forgetting that 🙄😳 might not be so lucky after all 🤣