Friday Film Shot

Last weekend Sophie and I went to track down some not very well known ruins, Cresswell Hall, of which little is left other than the stables and part of the colonnade, and afterwards we went to Druridge Bay which had a vintage car fair on. Full reports on The Universe blog to come.  Still having problems with the film in the rollei, it isn’t winding on properly, so will need a trip to the menders.

The Collonade, Mother Nature is taking it all back.

part of the outer wall

then from Druridge

and those are the only postable shots.



Film Friday

Another SNAFU roll this week. I took the rollei down south with me and used it when we visited The Swiss Gardens at SHuttleworth. Only 7 postable shots, and not that great, thank god I had the fuji with me! 🙂

The conservatory at the Gardens

one of the quirky buildings, you can just see one of the peacocks on the left of it
the lake
the lily pond



Friday Film Shot

The second half of my roll taken out and about in my ‘hood.

I went to the disused railway nearby, a couple of years ago in 2015 I took this shot from the same place

but now Mother Nature has had her way

I’ve spent ages in photoshop adding overlays of haze and sun flare to shots to make them look like how this next one does with just a click of the Rollei’s shutter 🙂

and finally, my window when I got home






Friday Film Shot

with a little bit of Thursday thoughts thrown in as I missed doing that yesterday.  I got home from my 5 nights away at my son’s flat dog sitting Lola.  It was a strange experience, it’s a long long time since I had a dog.  She is a nice dog, I walked her twice a day, played catch on the green, bought her some special treats, all that doggy person stuff.  She is used to sleeping on the bed with Ben so I could not escape the same fate without total upset, but she just snuggled up on the bed, in the small of my back and that was that. I only had one bad night when she snored a lot. I spent 2 afternoons with my friend Helen up in Biggleswade and though it rained on the first outing we still went out with our cameras, and the second time was sunny so that was a great day out.  Fraggle Reports to come on the other blog. I also spent my last day cooking up a job lot of Bolognese sauce, and a chill con carne as Ben had asked me to make him a couple of dinners!  Ben & Charlotte had a good little holiday, I picked them up from the airport and took them home, and then set off for my home, which I arrived at at 1.30am!  Bed by 2.30 but I was wiped out the next day.  It wouldn’t have done that 10yrs ago I thought, sadly.  And now I am officially old, I saw the doc today about my new mole, and it’s not a thing to worry about, it’s a thing that happens when you get old apparently.  So that’s me in the knackers yard.  Not worried, but bloody depressed 🙂 I suppose I’ll have a lady beard soon.

Since I returned I’ve been busy as a tree, docs appointment, ASDA, bird food shop, washing, and I’m setting up a new 2nd hand Mac for Phil, that’s taken several hours as he’s not sure which password works which site but have mostly got it sorted. Fingers crossed. The good bit- training Phil on the ways of a Mac’ is yet to come. I may need therapy 🙂 .

Whilst I was away my latest film from the Rollei came back, and 11 portable shots! 90.91%!

I had a couple of walks around the naturey bit where I live and am quite pleased with the results. (Who am I kidding, I love the pictures 🙂

One afternoon I took Phil to see the secret lake, and these shots are from that walk.




Friday Film Shots

Here is the 2nd half of the pictures I took at Little Haven Beach,

I’ve photographed The Weebles many times, but you can always find a different way to do them

The sun was going down so I wandered back to the car park, shot a thistle

and watched the sun sink behind a bank of clouds

I think this is my favourite roll so far.

Friday Film Shot

A couple of weeks ago I took the Rollei off to Little Haven beach to see if I could overcome the loading problems I’d had with the camera in my previous outing. Luckily all seems well now and I got 10 out of 12 decent shots, so up to 83% postable shots! 🙂

Due to the weather I haven’t been out with it since, so will split this into a 2 parter.

It was a lovely sunny late afternoon when I got there, nice blue sky, and I took a few detail shots on the way to the beach

Herd Groyne is always photogenic especially contrasted against the blue sky

Lots of seaweed covered rocks at this end of the beach

the sun was going down as I walked back from the beach to see the Weebles, I’ll post those next time,

Friday Film Shot

A bit of a disappointing haul from 3 rolls I sent in for developing. From the roll I took at South Shields beach only 5 of 12 came out, and the 2 rolls I shot at Howick Hall Gardens I got 15 out of 24 :/ .  I think it was something to do with loading the film, as some of the shots had partial exposures of the following shot on them, but have managed to crop them so they are not too bad, but still, I will have to be more careful and try to figure out where I’m going wrong.

Anyway these are the 5 from South Shields, cropped to remove the weird bits.

Well at least I’m getting the exposure more or less right, so onwards and upwards!


Friday Film Shot

On to my 2nd roll of film shot in the Rolleiflex SL66 and this time I used Kodak Portra 400.  I took it with me to Saltwell Park, so regular readers will have seen the same more or less with on the Fraggle Report I did on the other blog,

I also took some pictures at Whitby Abbey but I’ll post them after I’ve done the fuji report from there.


Friday Film Shot

AT last I have the 2 rolls developed back from my Rolleiflex SL66 so today I’m going to post the best ones from the first roll I shot.  Although there are 12 frames to a roll, I only got 11 back on the first roll so presume 1 was snafu’d  🙂 .  Also a couple are rubbish and I have some duplicates as I wasn’t sure I’d got the settings right 😳 so will just choose the best of those.

Firstly a shot out of my bedroom window, not very inspiring as it was rubbish weather but at least things are in focus and exposed right!

and then my lilies

couldn’t choose which one so have both 🙂

more flowers

and tried outside on Mum’s Plant

All these were taken with an old roll of fuji colour film I had lying about.  There was a fair amount of trial and faffing on as I’m so not used to shooting on an overhead viewfinder thingy, I found it hard to get the horizon levelled up and just get everything in the right position!  Every shot seemed to take forever! But I think it’s worth it, and the second roll was easier, so I got 10 half decent shots from it, which I’ll post next Friday Film shot.

On Tuesday afternoon when the weather was hotting up I took the rollei and a new film down to the beach, and found everything beginning to gel in my brain, so fingers crossed for 12 this time, but not holding my breath on that!   Is it all worth it when I can do so much more so quickly with my FujiX-T1?  Well I thoroughly enjoyed taking 2 hours to shoot 12 shots down at the beach, I took my time, sat on the sand and contemplated the sea, and thought a lot more about what I was shooting, how to frame it , what settings, waited for the right moment in some cases and really zoned in for that couple of hours.  It’s not as easy as digital for sure, but then I’ve been shooting digital since 1 megapixel camera’s came out 🙂 Most of all I love the results, there IS something magical about film, and I think I might just be addicted to the rollei 🙂

also want to give a shout out to Mary, she is my inspiration and shoots medium format film on a series of Hassleblads, amongst others, and has a lovely blog with her photo’s on HERE  really beautiful film work.








Friday Film Shots.

Ugh I am struggling with the Lightroom-smugmug interface today, so have taken a break to shoot some polaroids, just around the house, back to the struggle after :/.

My herby garden is coming along nicely, I nearly killed the coriander but rescued it just in time,

Job-Pro 600 Impossible gen 2 colour film

My mums plant is firing up some very red shoots, another back from the dead plant 🙂

Job-Pro 600 Impossible gen 2 colour film

and I replaced the chrysanthemums from the other week with some gorgeous pink lily’s, must shoot them in colour 🙂

SX-70 impossible 2 gen B&W film

and finally, now for some ‘proper’ Friday film shots to come. I really like shooting film, and I’ve been dicking about with a holga and the lubitel, but the lubitel is not flexible enough for me, it only goes up to 1/500 shutter speed and the focusing screen is dire, especially for someone who needs varyfocals. So here is a proper jobby.

Rolleiflex SL66 taken with polaroid SX-70, impossible 2 gen B&W film.

I’ve already started practicing, and am using a light meter to (hopefully) get the settings right, but it’s going to be a steep learning curve.  The history of the camera is quite fascinating and I’ll probably do a Fraggle Report about it at some point over on Across The Universe .  Anyways, back to the struggle..