Day 223

Sophies other half is visiting her (he lives in Spain) at the moment, so Phil and I were due to go on an outing with them today. Hadn’t quite decided where, but since seeing the weather forecast, it was decided not to go, and good job too. It started raining here at 11am and it’s still raining now 9 and a half hours later, with no sign of stopping. I will need an ark to go to work in tomorrow. So a leisurely Sunday indoors, and I cooked a Sunday lunch instead, which was yummy, but I’d rather have gone out in some sunshine!

Couldn’t get inspired for photography I’m afraid, so just a boring shot of the roses I got the other day.

Day 223 ~ Roses

Day 219 & Tales from Fraggle Towers

WTF is going on with bugs this year?? I’ve now been bitten quite badly twice since the last one I posted about. One on the other arm which is quite itchy and painful and at the weekend some nasty blighter crawled up my trouser leg and got the back of my knee! Didn’t know of course til the next day when the excruciating itching began. It turned into a really hard lump with a black thing in the middle of it, so last night I got Phil to cut it open and scrape it out and he did a good job, seems to be getting better anyway. I never normally suffer from bites, so am feeling quite peeved that whatever is out there is looking at me and seeing lunch! Consequently I am slathering myself in Jungle Formula (50% DEET) every morning in the hopes of fending them off, but Chanel No.5 it ain’t!

Also WTF is going on with peoples ears?? I am maxed out on appointments at work, since the kids broke up for school, and having to double book appointments to get through them all. Good job I’m super speedy and efficient! I guess everyone’s saved up their waxy ears for when they are on holiday so they don’t have to take time off work to get them done. Roll on September and I might be able to catch my breath.

Talking of September, it’s only a month until my holiday, and I haven’t even started researching where I want to visit or thinking about clothes etc. AT least my camera lenses are sorted 🙂 I have 2 new ones of late, one a Fuji 16mm (the older cheaper one) and the other a £40 old Russian Helios 44 I had to buy a special mount for to fix it to the XT2. The Helios I have fallen in love with. I’ll do a post on that if I ever get time. Life is so busy!!

Anyway I bought some flowers to play with in the shed, and here are the results, taken with the Helios. Did I say I’ve fallen in love with it? 🙂

Day 219 ~ Roses and swirly bokeh

Friday Film Shot

Only one of my bedroom roses today.  That was the end of one pack of films and the new pack I’ve put in is faulty :/  that happens sometimes and it’s really annoying. I wanted to take a picture of my first ever home made loaf of bread but 3 shots in I realised it wasn’t going to happen. Never mind it tastes lush and we had beans on toast for tea. I’ve run out of polaroid film for the minute but my Rollei shots will be with me next time, am excited to see how they turned out.

Disappointed the electrician didn’t turn up today to switch the shed on, apparently he’s off sick. Hmm, Friday is never a believable day to be off sick!

Anyway here’s my roses

a bit blurry but it never seems to matter on a polaroid.

Thursday Thoughts

Spring is nearly upon us, only 11 days to go to the vernal equinox on March 20th, it can’t come soon enough. We’ve had a few sunny days which has been great for Phil who is using his 2 week holiday to insulate my woman~cave, so much to do to get it up and running, can’t wait for it to be finished so I can move in and start doing mosaics again.

 We’ve also had our lounge/front room/parlour (whatever you call it) decorated, washed the curtains and had the carpets cleaned so it looks lovely and clean and bright now.  The sun doesn’t get in that side of the house so I wanted white walls to make the most of the light.

We don’t really have plastic shopping bag lampshades, 🙂 they were for protection from the ceiling paint.

However busy we are, our main thoughts are with Skye, who is still not giving in, but isn’t eating enough and isn’t getting around so much, she mostly curls up in her space and sleeps, but oh she still wants her cuddles and purrs away when she’s snuggled up with me at the table where I read. What we can’t get our heads around is that she’ll be obviously hungry but won’t eat the cat food we put out, we try her on different ones, and when it’s something new she will have a good feed, but give it to her the next time and she won’t have it. Today I gave her some tinned salmon and she yummed it up, but now won’t have it again. It drives us mad. She’s not drinking water (never has!) but she likes cream, so we buy her pots of that! Salmon and cream I ask you!! We keep discussing taking her to the vet but I keep coming across the thought that you do that to ‘put them out of their misery’ but she isn’t miserable when she’s snuggled up and purring or sleeping, so it doesn’t feel right. So hard to know what do do for the best, for her best.

waiting for snuggles by my iPad

checking out the woman~cave

Yesterday I bought some flowers to photograph, shot them this afternoon and used various processing techniques on the photo’s to give a different feel to each one, I love doing flower pics 🙂