Day 33

The weather has been a gift really, no problem deciding what to do for a daily picture.  Firstly though, our neighbour’s fence has been wobbling severely whenever it’s been windy here ( a regular occurrence), and a couple of weeks ago he came to ask us if it would be OK for the worky tickets to be on our side of it when they came to replace it. Of course, we said yes and this morning they arrived at 8.30am and the banging woke me up.  What was surprising is that they came to do it today, because I also woke up to a winter wonderland.   Phil had to go and speak to them to let them know where the bodies are buried, Skye & Storm are next to that fence, as we didn’t want the chaps finding bones and calling the police. Phil said he was surprised to see them and the chap said ‘We’re on a schedule mate, we don’t stop for snow’.  They were finished by 3pm and did a cracking job.

Worky ticket.

Phil and I decided we would venture out as we needed supplies, having run out of milk and alcohol, and so walked to the local shop. I’m still not doing too well with the plague, so it was a bit more of an effort than I thought it would be, but we made it there and back.


My shot of the day though was the first thing I saw on opening the curtains, the sun hitting the top of the trees and everywhere looking like a scene from Frozen.

Day 33

I’m making no apologies for added extras of ‘my’ Robin 🙂

Where’s me grub?
On my own….
Not for long!

I am assuming these 2 are a breeding pair, as Robins are well known for being feisty and fighting off any other robin on their territory, but they are both together at the Happy Eater Tree quite often and quite happily.

Day 32

Still have the plague and definitely staying home, as we had a bit of snow last night and today. It won’t last long so you have to make the most of it.

Big Blobby Snow
Phil ventures out to fetch the recycle bin.
Day 32 ~ Blizzardy

and surely no-one will notice that there’s a bit of colour in this one, well I suppose they will, but it’s not part of the project, and he’s too cute not to have in the post 🙂

Robin Snowbeak.

Day 17

Snow day!!! I was very surprised this morning when in the space of 10 minutes a whole heap of snow descended from the sky and within half an hour, Wardley was a white-out. Of course, it’s nearly all gone now, the sun came out all afternoon and melted it. But for half an hour this morning, I ran around the front and back of the house shooting snow. So a few more than usual on the daily post, with my ‘official’ day post being at the end.

The beginning
and onwards
snow fingers
Robin Ironsides
Day 17

Thursday Thoughts

Woke up to this today!  We haven’t had proper snow up here for  7 years, so it was a bit of a shock.  The last time was bonkers

Yoyo in the snow 2010

but I don’t think it’s going to last this time, it’s almost all gone now.  It was nice to see it, well at least I thought so, but most people don’t seem to like it.  Our country seems to have lost the ability to cope with snow, more than a day of it and schools, trains, the roads come to a standstill.  People don’t know, or haven’t been taught how to drive in it.  When I was growing up in Yorkshire every winter would have weeks of snow, I think they still get more of it there than anywhere else in England, and Scotland gets the main share of it being the Northest (yes it IS a word, it’s in Fraggles Dictionary) part of GB.  Ah well, icy roads in the morning will cause a bit of chaos, then slush and rain and then back to rainy normal winter.

Tomorrow night is the Camel Parade in South Shields which I did attend last year but only managed a few decent shots, you can see them HERE  but am (weather depending) going again tomorrow evening and hopefully this year will do  better, I managed not to get a decent shot of a camel last time. Or the drummers. And my fireworks were a bit dodgy 🙂  so fingers crossed for a better result.  At least now I know what to expect and get in position, there were a lot of pushy people getting in the way last time so I will need armour plating this time!

I was going to give y’all my thoughts on Trump’s latest fiasco, I mean, why is he having a pop at us??   WTF was all that about?  But I won’t, because really I can’t stop sniggering about the fact that he mistakenly sent his tweet to our Prime Minister initially to a lady called Theresa May Scrivener, who had 6 followers , then had to delete it and send it to our PM Theresa May.   Ms.Scrivener lives in Bognor Regis (how awful is that name for a place) a seaside town in the south of England, and of course now she is being interviewed by the press and now known as ‘the wrong Theresa May’.  (honestly I’m laughing whilst I’m writing this! 😀 ) Her responses to the interviewer from Associated Press are a joy,

“If I wanted to be famous, I would have gone on ‘X Factor,”  –  “It’s amazing to think that the world’s most powerful man managed to press the wrong button,” she said, adding, “I’m just glad he was not contacting me to say he was going to war with North Korea.”

Ah the mind boggles.  I keep thinking, what would you do if apropos to nothing in your life, you got a tweet from POTUS to say he was going to war with North Korea?

I wonder how many followers Ms.Scrivener has now .  He managed to increase Britain First’s followers by lots of thousands. I bet they’re over the moon.

I know it’s not funny really, but if you didn’t laugh sometimes, you’d face~palm yourself so hard you’d knock yourself out.   To cap it all, at the end of his tweet to the PM he says, “We are doing just fine!”  Yep, you’ve not long had the worst mass shooting, a Right Wing fracas where someone killed a girl by running her over, Tillerson is about to be dumped, your son in law is under investigation over your Russia collusion, and your people are even more diametrically and vitriolically opposed than our Leavers & Remoaners, yep, you’re doing fine Trumplestiltskin, doing fine. 🙄.   Whatever I think of our politicians, and it isn’t good thoughts people, not good at all, even our worst (Boris, Rees-Mogg, Davies, Gove I’m looking at you) are not in Trump’s league of stupidity , incompetence, and national self-harm.  But close enough.

So that’s me not giving my thoughts on Trump’s latest fiasco. 🤪

Laters Gaters