Day 249

I’m just about packed and ready to go at 5.30 tomorrow morning 🥴 flight times are so awful sometimes! I’m leaving you with an update on Garden Watch. This morning, as in most mornings, the Band of Spuggies had a bath in the hedgehogs drinking water,

Day 249 ~ Spuggy splash

I’m still setting up the trail camera every. night and so far we’ve identified 3 different hedgehogs,

This is Stripey, not sure yet off it’s a boy or a girl
Harriet, definitely a girl
Rodger the reprobate (he pillaged Harriet at the beginning of the week)

finally a very short video of Stripey and Harriet sharing dinner 🙂

Harriet & Stripey

Day 156

Of late, my Happy Eater tree has been taken over by a herd of starlings. They are voracious and the bird food disappeared rapidly each day. After a week they then brought their (huge!) chicks and any food I put out was gone by mid-morning! I know they are apparently declining in numbers, so I kept it up for about a week, but then could no longer stand their discordant squawking, their massive shits everywhere, and their bullying of the rest of my visitors. So I stopped the food and just left a few fat balls out in the hopes the little ones would get some. After a few days, no more starlings appeared, so I risked refilling the feeders this evening and so far no starlings. The robin is back, the blue & great tits are back, a thrush, a couple of blackbirds and the spuggies and their babies. Happy days again on the Happy Eater tree!

Day 156 ~ where’s me grub Mum?

He looked so cute sitting in the feeder cap!

Dinner is served!

British Summer Time

It was my day off today and really hoped to go out with the rollei, but we had a day of incessant rain, again.  Still, I was determined to do some photography, so invented a waterproof housing for the fuji (a freezer bag and cat collar) attached it to my trusty tripod, donned my waterproof jacket, and sallied forth into the garden.   Within 5 minutes I discovered my jacket had the equivalent waterproof capabilities of a colander, but hey ho, sometimes you have to suffer for your art. 🙂



potato plant flowers




The rain doesn’t stop the visitors to the Happy Eater tree.

sparrow and starling sharing a moment

blackbird and a beak of bugs


juvenile blackbird

The weather forecast for the rest of the week is not much better, oh well, maybe the week after will be better!



Tuesday Tuck Shop

It’s been a busy day at the happy eater tree, and because I haven’t been too well have had a gentle day and sat for a while with my camera waiting to see who turned up at The Happy Eater Tree.  A new arrival today,  I think this is a coal tit, at least on the RSPB identifier it’s the only one that comes close.

Boy did he move fast and it was hard to get a decent shot in focus, but these are the two best ones.

There are always blue tits, and also great tits, these are my ‘regulars’,

Also Fatchick sparrow turned up, followed by Mrs.Spuggy who looked at me as if to say “Will this never end?”

For the past few years we’ve had a breeding pair of robins visit, but this year they’ve been very elusive.  Today I managed to see one, well chuffed!

and after I got back from the local shop I was excited to see a return visit from the bullfinch at the feeder. I knew if I got out of the car it would disturb him and he’d fly off, so I gingerly crawled quietly out of the passenger door, kept my head down and went round the back of the house, in through the back door and crawled to the window and my camera as he was still there and got some shots of him. Half hour later he was back with Mrs. Bullfinch (I think, as she’s a paler colour), and then he came back again later in the afternoon by himself, so hopefully it won’t be the last time I see him.

All the pictures are click throughable for the bigger versions.  A good 1/2 hour at The Happy Eater 🙂



Thursday Thoughts

I’m all about the busy today, we have family coming over for dinner and I’m cooking Chinese.

Yesterday I did the big shop but had to go back for stuff I’d forgotten 🙄 so  was up early to get to the supermarket and back home. I got new flowers sorted in the house

and then got cracking on dinner. Chinese food is quick to cook but it’s all about the preparation.

after 3 hours this

became this

I am slowly moving my mosaic stuff into the shed, it’s nearly finished now, just need the sparky to wire it all up, but nice to see my unfinished table top and am excited about getting it done at long last. It’ll still take a long while though!

I love my new net curtains for the shed 🙂

the birdy’s are having chicks all over the place and my happy eater tree is also as busy as me. I haven’t managed to catch a shot yet of our new regular visitor, a chaffinch but caught Mummy Spuggy feeding her chick (which looked twice the size of her!).

So just a quick post, got to put a face on and do my hair and get cooking!