Day 143

Today was another sunny, albeit windy day, and I toddled off on my bike back down to what I call Wardley Lake, but I think is called Pelaw Nature Reserve. Which is rubbish really as it’s nearer to Wardley than it is to Pelaw but as there’s fek all going for Pelaw other than that I’ll let them off. At least Wardley has moi! 🤣🤣

Day 143 ~ Mr.Swan

When I got there Mr. Swan was pulling branches off a low hanging tree over on the middle island, and I could just see a white blob further back amongst the undergrowth, so I think Mrs.Swan is nesting, and he’s either helping out with making it, or trying to conceal her whereabouts. This means there’s soon to be swanlets so I will keep visiting. Anyway he decided to have a break and traverse his territory, so I got this shot.

On the gin front, Eddy yesterday suggested adding cucumber and black pepper to the mix….well I’ll try anything once!

Eddy’s gin recipe

I have to say it’s very refreshing and the addition of the cucumber gives it a summery feel, like a salad I suppose 😀. Next up will be Grahams recipe of adding Angostura bitters and Szechuan peppers 🥴but I don’t have them in stock right now so it may take a while before you get my review 😀

If you have any gin recipes for me to try ~ please leave a comment! 🤣🤣

Day 136

Went for a bike ride to our little wetland reserve, and spent some time photographing a swan who was having a right old clean up. I kept shooting in case he flew off and I could catch him setting off, but he didn’t. However, he did have a bit of a stretch, then went back to pruning his feathers.

Making a stand
Day 136 ~ swanning about