Thursday Thoughts

I think today I reached Bad News saturation level 10.  Found myself bursting into tears half way through reading the newspaper this morning, I was in the middle of an article on Erdogan and bosh! off I went.  It’s not been a good week, Phil is on nights and where normally I’d have a little furry friend to keep me company, she isn’t here anymore, and I’ve been trying not to think like that, but the back of my head has been ignoring me.  Also I’ve not been sleeping too well which doesn’t help when it comes to eye leaking propensity.

1.30am, all quiet on the western front. Actually it’s the northern front but that doesn’t have the same ring to it 🙂

The terror attack in London yesterday was pretty awful and kind of shocking but not really as everyone was waiting for it to happen, but up here I’m just as remote from London as I was for the terror attacks in France, Germany, wherever.  I feel sad for the people injured, the families of the dead and the trauma everyone went and is going through, but the news is over the top with it’s reportage I feel.  The 24hr news means they have to interview every eye witness they can find and regurgitate previous clips ad nauseam, speculate on this that and the other, loads of talking heads, as if nothing else was going on in the world.  Report the salient details and move on! We didn’t even watch the news tonight as it’s still nothing but London.  Oh and the footy results of course, nothing gets in the way of those!

So I stopped reading the paper and did the crossword.  I try to be quiet in the house as Phil is asleep, find quiet things to do. Read a book, take some pictures.  I’m currently growing herbs from seeds planted last Thursday, the sweet basil is charging ahead followed by chives and coriander, but parsley has not poked it’s head up as yet. I made a crude time lapse of the basil, taken over a 3hr period this afternoon, and got a 15 second video.  Amazed at how much they move!

might have a proper go tomorrow and do a better one. Tonight I’m going to find a good movie and go to bed early, and tomorrow I’m not going to read the news 🙂